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Billing / Time 

Design retainer: $2,500 (applied to the final invoice)

Services: $185 per hour


Travel: $95 per hour (and any cost incurred when I am traveling to the client, including ferries, tolls, and airfare)

Any cost incurred from the client’s project or service fees 

In-person service fee: $200 for each in-person meeting

Digital work is sent after invoices have cleared. ​​To begin a project, the client and I have an initial, no-cost, 15-minute phone meeting or email in which we discuss the client’s vision, I gather information, and together make sure we are a good fit. I explain how I can help with the project. To move forward, the client completes and signs a project form and questionnaire and pays the $2,500 retainer, which I deduct from the final invoice. If an invoice remains unpaid, I place the job on hold until the balance is cleared. I apply the design retainer to the unsettled invoice, and the client pays any additional balance and provides another retainer to take the project off hold.

Would you like an estimate? Go to the bottom of this page for more information.

Custom Countertops

You can purchase custom countertops through Vermont Interior Design. The client pays 75% of the order amount, the contractor works with the client to schedule template creation, and the client pays the remaining balance before countertop installation. The final cost of the countertops is based on the selected materials and the countertop template.


I help my clients shop virtually or in person, and I provide them information on the products to purchase. The client purchases their own products. However, my clients can purchase Vermont custom-made cabinets and custom countertops through me.    


Custom Cabinets

You can purchase Vermont custom-made cabinets through Vermont Interior Design. You pay 75% of the order amount, I place the order, and you makes the final payment before cabinet delivery.

Why Custom cabinets with Vermont Interior Design?

I have vetted the cabinet maker and work with the best. I have done many projects with them. They make beautiful custom cabinets. They are organized, responsive and dependable. They stick to their timeline. I will take you through the cabinet shop so you can see where your cabinets are made. You can meet the people making your cabinets. They know your project by name, you matter to them, they take pride in your cabinets. There are a handful of people working at the shop. This means I talk to the person making your cabinets, not an operator, this means clearer communication and less mistakes. The cabinets are consistent because they are made by the same person.  The people building the cabinets are inspecting the cabinets, before they go out for delivery. They are not going to send a damaged cabinet, saving us all time and headaches. They deliver their product themselves. They have a delivery team trained in delivering your beautiful cabinets with care. They are traveling a short distance to get you your cabinets, taking out so many risk factors for the cabinets in transit.  These are still products made by humans, nothing in life is 100% perfect all the time, but this is the path to the closet you can get.  If there is any issue they will order your materials and fix the problem themselves.

Why not other custom cabinets?

You do not know the personality of the person building your cabinets. They may build beautiful cabinets but the person may not manage their time well. They take longer then they said to get you your cabinets. They took on too many jobs and underestimated how much time they needed. They are not organized. They do not return phone calls and emails.  They do not have backup if they are sick or get hurt, effecting the timeline of the cabinets. I have worked with cabinet makers and not everyone has all the skills needed to smoothly pull off projects. Having the skills to make beautiful cabinets, does not mean you are good at running a business, being organized or reliable. Those are very important factors when having many moving pieces on a project.

Why not stock / semi custom cabinets?

I have worked with lots of cabinet providers and: You get what you pay for. A lot of issues make it through "quality control" with high volume facilities. It takes a while to get the cabinets. Often there are missing, back ordered or damaged / discolored items, the items have to be reordered and you are waiting on them. That will take a few weeks to a few months to get most items depending on the availability. This can hold up your project. Most USA made cabinets are not made near Vermont. The cabinets travel a long way in trucks, making multiple stops, getting jostled around on the road and getting shuffled around while removing the other cabinets at stops before yours. Your cabinets are not opened or inspected (because they are stored in a warehouse and will get more damaged if you remove their boxes to inspect them) until they are being installed. This means surprises at the jobsite, replacements that need to be ordered and hold up's.   The cabinets may not be delivered when they are supposed to.  Large operations are struggling to find enough workers to make their cabinets and deliver them. This means things take longer than planned, people make more mistakes because they are over worked, the staff may be new and learning on your cabinets.  The quality can be rough, finishes are not smooth, cabinets and pullout shelves are falling apart. The cabinets are inconsistent because deferent people are building your cabinets, based on shift change and station. You are a number in a high volume factory and your importance is low when compared to all the people they are serving. This is all time, time is money, those are headaches you do not need and I will help you avoid them, saving you time and money.

Time & Estimates

When should I start? Now! I book out, lets chat, come up with a plan, put down a design retainer and get you on my schedule. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the website. ​ We want to have months of design time before the contractor is getting to work. We want to be able to send the plan to the contractor before they start, so they can tell us if there is anything that will not work, that we need to change. When the contractor starts we have the plan ready. We confirm the plan with the contractor and get items on order. Items take time to receive, the nicer the item normally the long it takes to get. Locally and custom built cabinets, professional level appliances, custom made tables or lighting, take time and are worth the time.



Because my schedule typically books out far in advance, please schedule months before you would like services.


I work on projects in the order I receive design retainers. 

I work Tuesdays and Thursdays, with some Fridays for scheduled meetings.


How to Start


  • Submit your contact form below.

  • I will email you to set up a phone meeting (check you junk folder).

  • Phone meeting


You are moving forwards, congratulations! 

  • Design retainer, I will email you an easy payment link.

  • I will email a simple form to fill out about your project (check your junk folder).

  • Your project is scheduled!

Would you like a rough quote on how many hours your project might take?

Most projects take a minimum of 25 hours of design time per room. For a straightforward, existing space, such as a mudroom, laundry room, bedroom, living room, dining room, or simple bathroom, that time includes building each space in my computer-aided design (CAD) software, a layout of the space, raised elevations, notes, 3D renderings, 3D video renderings, a concept board, some color recommendations, some material recommendations, a light amount of finishing items, one or two light revisions, and initial communication and introduction with some of the trade professionals to help the client finish the space, if applicable.         Travel time, site visits, in-person meetings and shopping, multiple revisions, and continued communication with the trade professionals through the entire project would be additional time. Kitchens, primary bathrooms, complicated spaces, multiple rooms, additions, new builds, and new layouts, or problem-solving for a space will take more time. Because of the large number of unknown factors in these more-complicated spaces, I cannot predict how much time those will take.        Design and creativity are not exact sciences. Because every client has unique tastes and needs, these processes involve experimentation to create the space the client wants. The clearer the client is about what they want, the faster we achieve the goal. If a client is not clear about what they want and need, I am happy to guide them through identifying their style and needs, but that process will take more time. Expect revisions and that the first draft will not be the final draft. We are creating and building together.    You know your personality best. Some clients take more time on a small bathroom than another client might take to redo a kitchen. Some clients move through the process quickly, are clear about what they want, with few questions and changes. Other clients are very detail oriented or undecided and need to see multiple options for a room, and generating those requires more time. I have an abundance of experience as a designer working with all personality types.   My ultimate goal is to create a space that you love not just because it looks beautiful but because it reflects you and your lifestyle. I look forward to working with you and experiencing the creativity our collaboration will bring!


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